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Wooden Spice Spoon

Wooden Spice Spoon

Spice up your cooking game with our Droosh-approved Spice Spoon! Sourced from local Indian producers, this spoon is perfect for scooping and measuring your favorite spices. Say goodbye to 'eyeballing it' and hello to a stylish and versatile kitchen staple.

Spice spoon is 1/2 tsp.

  • Use the spice spoon to measure precise amounts of Droosh for your recipes. The spoon is designed to provide consistent measurements, ensuring the perfect balance of flavors in your dishes. We recommend hand washing the spice spoon to maintain quality.
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Indian, but also American.

Almost entirely sourced from India, our ingredients boast amazing flavor and powerful health benefits. The spices in these nutritious blends are milled to exacting standards to bring out their perfect flavor, then balanced to bring harmony to traditional and untraditional dishes.

Chickpea Salad


Chickpea Chaat Salad

Experience the bold flavors of our irresistible Chickpea Chaat Salad! This easy-to-make salad is packed with zesty Indian-inspired spices and delightful textures.

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